Monday, 20 June 2011

Some pics of Week 2

There are no pics of Week 3 as such because we didn't do a whole lot :(  Though the plastering was finished which is something.  We are just at that hard part now where hard work is involved!!!!!  Most of the clearing has been done so now it's all about stripping old wallpaper and sanding down about 60 years worth of paint off of skirting and doors.  So needless to say we haven't been too eager to get stuck in.  Think we can't put it off any longer though so hopefully next week I will have something to report.

IN the meantime here are some pics of week 2 including that gorgeous vinyl floor.

Living Room:

You can see that the wood floor is in pretty good nick.

And here is the fireplace which granddad had obscured with a dresser type thing (of course).  It's a bit on the naff side but hopefully this will be so naff it doesn't end up looking that bad when the rest of the room is cleared up:


Actually now that i'm looking at Week 2 pics I should have taken a Week 3 picture.  Will take one today.

Most beautiful floor in the world:

The skip:
Just unbelievable how much stuff went in there when we're not doing a renovation as such, we're just supposed to be clearing out rubbish!  And with 3 more lots of carpet to come up and some more dressers to be dismantled there's definitely going to be more!

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